Request: West Main Auto Repair and Towing

      We provide complete vehicle towing for all makes and models!  It's our goal at West Main Auto repair and Towing to always provide great service, by short response time to your scene and handle your vehicle with the care it needs, for towing at a fair price. We will provide you with the best towing service possible. 

Don't settle for police rotational towing companies!

Police rotational tow companies tend to charge more for the same service!

You own your vehicle, You pay for your vehicle, you have the right to request any tow company of your choice! It's not the law that you have to settle for police rotational towing companies! The reason the rotational list exist is for the vehicle owner that is unable to request the service of a particular towing company! So request West Main Auto repair and Towing and don't back down from your request!  





When you request a towing company, and the police or D.O.T or any other public servent tells you that's not the way towing is done around here! Then tells you that you have no choice who tows your car, They are lying ! You own your vehicle and no one can tell you who will be towing your vehicle, other then you! When a public servent or anyone else is more concerned about who will be towing or doing any other service for you, YOU NEED TO QUESTION WHY! If anyone violates your freedom of choice of towing or any other choice, you have an obligation to call someone!


Albany General Services - (518) 434-0585


Freedom of Choice Act:

It prohibits a federal, state, or local governmental entity from denying or interfering with any person freedom of choise.

PLEASE CALL ME @ 607-637-5532

or leave a comment regarding your experience of not being able to choose a towing company of your choice!